Welcome to the world of Countess Poppi Paramira

She lives in a Portugese castle with a private pool, a dishwasher and an Indian ghost from Aruba called Wokkie. In her Kingdom there are no such things as cold feet, arithmetic or sticky shower curtains. One can breath underwater, travel back in time and cuddle koalas whenever one wishes to do so.

In the castle pond, the swans swim upside down and there is an infinite supply of calorie-free Cadbury's, pumpkin pie and sushi. In her Kingdom, the number one priority in school is teaching kids happiness, and books are for free.

To keep a low profile the countess is also known as Mariëlla van de Beek. Together with a fluffy cat and her beloved partner Mr. R., she lives in an old cottage in Holland and has been illustrating children's books for more than 15 years.